Friday, September 7, 2012

Student Employee - Cleanroom Laboratory Student Assistant

Dates of Employment: 24 September 2012 - 23 August 2012
Estimated Hours/Week: 10-15
Salary Range: $12.50 - 15.00 / hour (depending on experience level)
Supervisor: Michael Khbeis

Available Positions: 3

Job Title: Student Employee - Cleanroom Laboratory Student Assistant

Job Description:  The Cleanroom Laboratory Student Assistant's primary responsibility is to ensure the continuity of operations within the Microfabrication Facility in Fluke Hall.  Core responsibilities include tracking and stocking inventory of chemicals, cleanroom, and general laboratory supplies.  Part of this job involves inventory control, purchasing, and interaction with a high volume of industry vendors, which makes the position an optimal professional networking opportunity.  The technician is essential in maintaining the cleanroom protocols and lab safety by ensuring chemicals, supplies, and critical materials are available within the laboratory environment.  Secondary responsibilities include assisting research engineers in maintaining, characterizing, and upgrading advanced cleanroom manufacturing equipment as well as establishing and executing common semiconductor and MEMS manufacturing processes for foundry customers. Technicians will be responsible for conducting equipment qualifications.  On-the-job training will be provided by staff research engineers.  This opportunity is advantageous to anyone seeking lab experience in engineering and/or physical sciences as well as providing a strong foundation and professional networking in advanced electronics and biotech job markets.

- Experience in following detailed instructions and demonstrated consistency in conducting laboratory processes
- Conducting work independently with minimal supervision upon completion of training
- Competency in chemical and cryogenic material handling or equivalent educational experience (e.g. completion of inorganic chemistry or similar courses)
- Demonstrated ability to complete detailed record-keeping and provide technical reporting on a regular basis
- Prefer 10 hours / week commitment but can have flexible schedule

Dr. Michael Khbeis
Associate Director
Microfabrication Facility (MFF)
University of Washington
Fluke Hall, Box 352143
(O) 206.543.5101
(C) 443.254.5192