Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Autumn Course Announcement to students in NME, MolES and NanoTech

Molecular Engineering and Science (3 credits)
NME 498 / ChemE 599
Fall 2012 - Tuesday/Thursday 1:30 – 2:50 p.m., Location: LOW 118
(Overall Course Coordination: R. Overney, roverney@uw.edu)

This is an interdisciplinary course for graduate and senior undergraduate student in the physical, chemical and biological sciences, and in engineering at the University of Washington. In mini-lecture courses, students are introduced to multiple aspects of molecular sciences and their transformative impact.

Course Credit: Course credit is based on Course Participation and Homework(20 %), Exam 1 (40%) and Exam 2 (40%).

Prerequisites: Graduates: Undergraduate degree in natural sciences or engineering;

Undergraduates: Seniors in natural sciences or engineering.

The following topics are discussed:

Rational and Molecular Design towards Photovoltaics

- Photoelectrochemical Cells - Prof. Daniel Gamelin (CHEM)
- Inorganic Photovoltaics - Prof. Hugh Hillhouse (CHEM E )
- Dye-sensitized Solar Cells - Prof. Guozhong Cao (MSE )

Molecular Design and Analysis of Functional Materials

- Nanoscale Analysis of Complex Molecular Systems - Prof. René Overney (CHEM E )
- Molecular Synthetic Approaches towards Functional Material - Prof. Christine Luscombe (MSE)
- Computer Simulation Applied to Engineering Challenges - Prof. Shaoyi Jiang (CHEM E)

Synthetic Biology and Molecular Biomimetics

- Introduction to Synthetic Biology - Prof. Georg Seelig (CSE/EE)
- Engineering Standards in Synthetic Biology - Prof. Herbert Sauro (BioE)
- Biomimetics with Polypeptides - Prof. Mehmet Sarikaya (MSE)

Nanoscale and Molecular Approaches towards Fuel Production and Conversion

- Fuel Cells - Prof. Stu Adler (CHEM E)
- Microfluids-Enhanced Molecular Engineering - Prof. Amy Shen (ME)
- Catalysis towards Selective Conversion - Prof. Charlie Campbell (CHEM)

Biologics: Development, Delivery and Detection

- Protein Engineering - Prof. Champak Chatterjee (Chem)
- Drug Delivery - Prof. Suzie Pun (BioE)
- Glyco-Technology - Prof. Dan Ratner (BioE)

Societal Impact of Molecular Engineering and Scieence

- Ethics and Case Studies on Carbon Nanotubes - Prof. Marjorie Olmstead (PHYS)
- Discussion: Molecular Engineering and Science Education - Prof. René Overney (CHEM E )