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Operations Engineer with James Hardie

Position Title
Operations Engineer
FLSA Status
Review Date

Position Summary

As a member of the Production Department reporting to the Department Manager, the Operations Engineer is responsible for improving the efficiency and organizing the flow of raw materials in a production facility by utilizing best practice engineering principles.

Position Responsibilities

Understand the waste, speed, and delay design for each product on each machine, then meets or exceeds design by:

·          Developing and implementing plans that reduces scrap, improves paint yield, and improves laminate yield;
·          Creating and updating process maps for each machine; i.e. Identifying and removing bottle necks in process;
·          Identifying all delay and developing and implementing plans that close the delay gaps;
·          Driving collaboration between respective departments that ensures all issues are addressed and resolved;
·          Communicating on the production floor with all associated operators to ensure continuous improvement in the manufacturing process; and
·          Networking with other engineers in all plants to freely share best practices.
·          Troubleshooting problems and making adjustments to process to maintain and/or improve quality.

Routinely verifies conformance of material being produced to meet or exceed the quality standard by:  

·          Monitoring lab results; and
·          Participating in quality audits and meetings.
Designs and implements process improvements to improve operations efficiency and product cost by: 
·          Analyzing process performance issues and developing plans to improve;
·          Analyzing data and determining inconsistencies in raw material processing; and
·          Assessing operations to propose and implement ideas to improve employee working conditions.

Develops and manages capital projects by: 

·          Identifying improvement opportunities;
·          Organizing teams to help in research efforts;
·          Writing Capital Expenditure Requests (CER); and
·          Coordinating and implementing projects.

The position responsibilities outlined above are in no way to be construed as all encompassing.  Other duties, responsibilities, and qualifications may be required and/or assigned as necessary.

Position Requirements

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:

·          Demonstrated ability to effectively take action to solve problems while exhibiting sound judgment and successful stress tolerance.
·          Demonstrated ability to act independently upon information and make decisions that achieve optimal results.
·          Strong interpersonal and written/oral communication skills with the ability to relate well and cooperate with others to effectively coordinate activities and accomplish goals.
·          Demonstrated intermediate skills with the standard features of various personal computer word processing and spreadsheet software (Microsoft Word and Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Internet, and other proprietary software).
·          Demonstrated ability to think ahead and plan over a 30-day time span and prepare action plans to achieve results.
·          Ability to balance and achieve positive results in the areas of quality, productivity and cost.
·          Ability to successfully manage multiple tasks and prioritize workload while paying attention to detail.
·          Demonstrated ability to function as a strong team player.


·          Bachelor’s Degree in engineering (mechanical, chemical, industrial, paper science).
·          Experience in troubleshooting electrical control systems on continuous production lines including programmable logic control (PLC) and variable frequency drive systems (VFD) is a bonus.

Send your resume to either Eric Wood or Usman Khawar; our Plant Manager.

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