Thursday, November 19, 2015

COE Undergraduate Peer Tutor positions-Loew Hall

JOB TITLE:  Math-Chemistry-Physics-Engineering Fundamentals Tutor(s)
CONTACT/SUPERVISOR: Lynne Spencer/Sheldon Levias

Duties and Responsibilities:

Collaborating one-on-one or in groups with students in the Engineering Academic Center (EAC) to provide academic and skills support and to assist them with meeting their academic goals in engineering quantitative pre-requisites courses: such as math (calculus, differential equations), chemistry, or physics and/or engineering fundamentals, computer science.
Providing explanations of appropriate quantitative and /technology concepts and techniques for a given task or assignment.
Helping students develop learning strategies.
Performing routine study center operating tasks (receiving students and visitors, taking roll call, maintaining room preparedness for studying)
Attending scheduled meetings and training events for academic tutors and/or facilitators
Assisting with EAC quantitative workshops, student’s orientations and classroom visits.   
Assist with other tasks as required

Minimum Qualifications:
Excellent academic skills for assigned quantitative field (math, applied math, science, stats, java, other).
Solid and effective communication skills and desire to assist students in an academic support setting.
Strong solid and efficient computer skills including knowledge of MS Office, e-mail
Provision of a collegiate transcript showing completion of levels of designated quantitative field, faculty reference and/or pass an entrance quantitative exam.

Educational Benefits:
Strengthen tutor’s own quantitative, study and pedagogical skills
Experience working with other science and engineering peers/students.

Application Process: Please email Lynne Spencer indicating your desire to become an academic tutor highlighting any pertinent skills or experience.  Also attach a current resume and your unofficial transcripts.