Monday, October 26, 2015

Win16 UG Elective on Solar Energy

Course Title: Solar Energy Conversion and Solar Cells
Course Number:  Chem E 498 A
Quarter:  Winter 2016
Instructor:  Hugh Hillhouse (
Time:  T,TH 1:30-2:50 in Loew 112

The course will cover the basics of solar energy conversion including photovoltaics, solar thermal power generation, and photoelectrochemical conversion. The course will delve further into the fundamental principles of solar cells and cover the basic operation of current photovoltaics as well as explore the cutting edge of research & development of future photovoltaics. The course will also cover the basic economics of solar energy conversion (LCOE and CAPEX) and global market factors. The course is open to all students  in science and engineering who have completed their general physics and general chemistry courses.