Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Research Opportunities in SEAL Lab

In the fall quarter, we are inviting new students to participate in our research projects. The preselection requirements are either a GPA of at least 3.5 or a demonstrated significant experience in one of the areas listed below: web design, XML programming, business analytics, marketing, graphic design, android programming, STREAM Tools, design of electronic circuits, signal processing, intellectual property, video design, entrepreneurship. Students are organized into interdisciplinary teams, working on the project subjects below. A frequent intent is to move the project towards commercialization. In the most successful cases, these students will start new businesses or business divisions on these topics.
Below is a list of the various teams and research projects recruiting students, followed by an FAQ (please make sure to read before applying). Team leaders will conduct interviews for the following projects
   1. Sensor Design (contact: Prof. Alexander Mamishev-
                    Vacancy: electronics design
                    Vacancy: LabView Programming
                    Vacancy: cell phone programming
   2. High Reliability Pump (contact: Prof. Alexander Mamishev -
                    Vacancy: Fluid Dynamicist (ME or Aerospace)
                    Vacancy: Brushless DC Motor / MEMS
                    Vacancy: Sensors for Pump Control                                  
   3. Ostomy Scanner (contact: Kevin Fukuhara - (detailed position descriptions are attached)
                    Vacancy: signal processing
                    Vacancy: Business Analyst and Communications
                    Vacancy: Electronics/Hardware Specialist
                    Vacancy: Programmer (Software developer)
                    Vacancy: Mechanical Design Specialist
                    Vacancy: Web Designer/Programmer (web-based)
                    Vacancy: Technical Writer

   4. STREAM Tools (contact: Brandon Ngo - (detailed position descriptions are attached)
                    Vacancy: technical writer - STREAM Tools developer
                    Vacancy: XML programmer
    5. Digital Dietary Recorder System (contact Sep Makhsous -
                    Vacancy - Technical Writer
                    Vacancy - Android Programmer
                    Vacancy - Matlab Programmer - DSP or Controls
                    Vacancy - Any Junior/Senior Ugrad with Programming Background
                    Vacancy - Graphics Designer
    6. Toothpaste monitoring (contact Kyle Lindgren -
                    Vacancy - Android Programmer
                    Vacancy - Scale builder w/ Soldering exp
    7. Personal exposure monitor (contact Tsrong-Yi Wen -
                    Vacancy - Machining Specialist
                    Vacancy - System Integration Specialist (LabView)
                    Vacancy - High Voltage Power Electronics Designer
                    Vacancy - Technical Writer
 Quick link FAQ
What is SEAL?
Sensors, Energy, and Automation Laboratory is focused primarily on the design of novel medical devices, sensors for industrial and military applications, and energy-saving industrial technologies. General information about the lab is on SEAL Website:
What is SEAL working on at the moment? 
A PowerPoint list of projects is within the following link:
Do you offer funding? 
Overall approach to funding: we eat what we kill. In some labs, funding is offered to fresh incoming students – we usually do not do that, whether the students are graduate or undergraduate. Each funded student in our lab, and we have quite a few, started in a non-funded position, participated in the development of research proposals, submitted scholarship and fellowship applications, co-developed kickstarter projects, won business plan competitions, etc. Therefore, normally, the initial appointment is for credit only, however, as student get involved in the projects, paid positions become available based on the overall success of the project. Projects also provide a better resume for scholarships, fellowships, recommendation letters, and graduate school applications.
“I am/my friend is” from a different department, is it possible to participate and get academic credit? 
Yes, in most cases we are able to work out academic credit arrangements with other departments.