Monday, July 27, 2015

EE 501 - Radar Remote Sensing

I would like to invite you to take EE501 -- Radar Remote Sensing, this Autumn (SLN 22471).  It will be taught Tuesday and Thursday 2:30--4:20.

In the class we'll take a statistical signal processing tour of radar, including the radar equation (link budget), radar waveform designs for pulse compression, as well as some basic estimation and detection theory.   We'll work with real and synthetic data sets from active and passive radars.  We'll also introduce radar imaging through aperture synthesis an interferometry.

Prerequisite material: basic statistics (EE505), signal processing (EE442), and electromagnetics (EE361) are helpful.   Advanced undergrads are welcome to consult with me about taking this course.

Have a great summer, see you next Autumn,

John Sahr