Tuesday, July 14, 2015


The College of Engineering will be hosting another summer season of kickball beginning Thursday, August 6 @ noon. We invite you to form teams consisting of staff, faculty, and students to participate in this fun tournament! The rules will be similar as last year’s; please see attached for details.

Please use this link to sign-up captains by department and choose your team’s color. Teams will need at least 8 players to participate, and they can be any combination of students, faculty, and staff. Not on a team? Be a floater! Also, if you would like to participate, but don’t want to play, please consider being a timekeeper/umpire. It is important that we have both these roles filled or else games can’t happen; sign-up using the link above.

The games will be held Thursdays between noon and 1 pm, with games lasting 30 minutes each. Games will be held on the upper Rainier Vista lawn.

Friendly competition between Departments is encouraged; unfriendly competition is discouraged!

There will be an awesome end-of-season celebration with food and beverages so stay tuned for details! Kickball was a blast last summer, let’s do it again this year!
The three coordinators for this tournament are Robin Donovan (robind3@uw.edu), Alex Llapitan (alex310@uw.edu) and Scott Rivers (srivers@uw.edu). Contact one of us with questions.