Monday, April 27, 2015

Opening: Rainy Dawg Technology Manager

TITLE: Rainy Dawg Technology Manager
REPORTS TO: Rainy Dawg General Manager
TERM: 31 Weeks
HOURS: 15 Hours/Week
PAY RATE: $756.00/Month

The Technology Manager is in charge of maintaining and updating the Rainy Dawg Radio  equipment.

The Technology Manager’s primary responsibility is to ensure that the station’s equipment is properly
functioning and to look into new technology that would benefit the station. They are also responsible
for maintaining and updating the station’s website in coordination with the ASUW Office of
Communications. They also work as the station’s live and recorded sound engineer.

1. Manage the upkeep and repair of Rainy Dawg Radio equipment, either individually, or through
2. Maintaining and update the station’s website, including any software updates.
3. Research and make recommendations for new technologies.
4. Execute management and setup of equipment check-out.
5. Lead the upkeep and maintenance of Rainy Dawg servers.
6. Ensure the maintenance of Rainy Dawg office and studio computers.
7. Retain knowledge on any developments in the many types of radio and computer equipment,
website design and creation, Linux server maintenance and security, Linux/Apache/MySQL/PHP
(LAMP) architecture, and various types of audio equipment and audio engineering principals.
8. Compile a 24-hour-a-day Emergency Contact list for DJs to call in case there are problems with
equipment or the broadcast stream.
9. Coordinate any repairs, new purchases, or replacements of station equipment.
10. Develop ideas for improving the station’s website to make it easier to navigate.
11. Run and coordinate sound for live, in-studio, and campus events.
12. Recording and facilitating of podcasts and advertisements.
13. Maintain and inform the ASUW Personnel Director and the Student Activities Office (SAO) adviser of all completed and missed office hours, including any absences due to sickness, personal
emergencies or work-related trips.
14. Meet with SAO adviser as needed and upon request, as well as participating in a quarterly
evaluation process.
15. Attend ASUW mandatory training sessions and staff meetings, including but not limited to the
ASUW Fall Orientation and ASUW Personnel meetings.
16. Review and adhere to conditions of employment as stated in the ASUW Personnel Policy, the signed ASUW Memorandum of Understanding and the Student Employment Handbooks. All actions must also follow the laws and procedures set by ASUW, SAO and the State of Washington.
17. Responsible for initiating a thorough transition with newly hired successor before finals week of
Spring Quarter to ensure continuity. Prepared documents, such as a transition binder/folder, are

1. Ability to work independently.
2. Requires previous web design experience, and extensive knowledge of various radio, audio, and
computer products.
3. Experience with one or more of the following: Linux/UNIX, Apache, MySQL, PHP, PERL, or
4. Ability to handle stress and a high degree of responsibility.
5. Able to identify, solve, and follow through on problems.
6. Prior experience working within a radio station preferred.
7. Prior experience with audio engineering preferred.
8. Ability to quickly and efficiently learn new technologies and adapt to new work flows.
9. Must be a UW student enrolled in at least 6 undergraduate or 4 graduate credits or on leave as
defined by Executive Order 50.

More information and the application is available through HuskyJobs and through