Monday, September 22, 2014

Need VLPA Credits for Autumn Quarter? ARCH 380 Computers in Architecture Open to Non-majors

ARCH 380 is a great design computing introduction, especially for students in or planning for a major in the School of Art and College of Engineering.

This Autumn, we have opened up ARCH 380-Computers in Architecture to non-Architecture majors.

Taught by Prof Mehlika Inanci, ARCH 380 is an introductory course to Design Computing and will:

1.     Provide an overview of the principles, theories, methods that underlie the applications of Design Computing;
2.     Create awareness and familiarity with the current issues and practices in Design Computing;
3.     Develop abilities to represent architectural designs using a variety of digital tools.

Content                  The content of the course is presented through a series of lectures, demonstrations and laboratory sessions.

Module 0
Introduction to Design Computing
Module 1
2D Drawing
(autoCAD general purpose drafting techniques)
Module 2
3D and Parametric modeling techniques
(AutoCAD Architecture)
Module 3
3D Modeling (Rhino)
Module 4
Fabrication (Rhino)