Monday, October 8, 2012

Undergraduate Research Opportunity -- Available to Start Right Away

Research Problem:
This project is developing automatic speech analysis tools to facilitate data mining of recordings of the oral arguments of the US Supreme Court cases. The project will involve work with existing speech tools and implementation of new methods of signal processing for use in automatically identifying contentious discussions. The student will work with Prof. Ostendorf and faculty from the Linguistics department, together with a team of graduate and undergraduate students. Challenges for an undergraduate researcher may include: development of signal processing algorithms to characterize speaking style and analysis of individual style variation, development of classifiers for automatic detection of disfluent speech, and implementation of tools to process large audio files.

Desired Skills/Background:
- Familiar with linux, Matlab and shell scripting
- Familiar with one or more of the following scripting languages: perl, python, and ruby
- Good record in EE235 and EE341 preferred

For more information or to submit a resume, please contact Brian Hutchinson (brianhutchinson@ee). Brian will meet with all candidates, and he will select the most qualified to talk with Prof. Ostendorf.