Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Attn - EE Controls Capstone Change - EE 400 B a New 2-Qtr Controls Concentration Capstone

Hello EE Controls Concentration Seniors and advanced Juniors:

A new 2-quarter Controls Concentration Capstone option is available beginning winter quarter 2013, by registering for EE 400 B for winter, and EE 449 for spring. Please see the attached course description from Professor Chizeck.

Note: EE/AA 448 will still be offered through the AA department, and you may register for it using their SLN #10016 (see - https://sdb.admin.washington.edu/timeschd/uwnetid/sln.asp?QTRYR=WIN+2013&SLN=10016 ).

EE 400 (Winter 2013) and EE 449 (Spring 2013)
Design of Control Systems
EE and AA seniors, and "advanced" juniors (and new graduate students, with permission):

Looking for a chance to apply your robotics and controls (and/or embedded systems and signal processing and sensors) knowledge to a "real" problem? Maybe see if any of that stuff that we taught you can be made to work? Consider taking the Systems, Robotics and Control’s Capstone Design Course.
EE Systems, Robotics and Controls concentration students should ideally take this for two quarters. This will allow 20 weeks to do your project. AA, CSE, ME and BioE students are welcome to enroll in either 400 and 449, or else 449 only in the Spring Quarter.
Students will do a design project in teams of three students. Possible projects are gathered from various research groups at UW, local companies and affiliated institutions--anywhere an investigator needs a control system developed. So each team has a customer.

Teams are also encouraged to define their own projects if they prefer--as long as a "customer" for their work can be identified. Specific objectives of each project will be detailed by the team. You will choose and define your project based upon the skills and talents of your group.

What is taught in this course?

Project Management and Planning
A bit about intellectual property and technology commercialization
Some useful topics relating to control system design.
Some elements of digital control

Most of the course will involve project work--in various labs and facilities across campus. No homeworks or final exam--just one 20 or 10 week project.

Students who join the course in the spring (taking 449 only) will have the option of either joining an existing team (if they agree), or forming a group to do a new project.

Teams will upload their designs, progress reports, simulations, videos or whatever. The final report is in the format of a technical conference--with references to items available on line.
All student teams will also give a final presentation regarding their project.

The course will have a small number of lectures (in the “official” time slot. Most weeks each team will meet privately with the professor and TA (we are technical consultants to your teams).
Some weeks there will be either, short (5 minute) or longer (15 minute) progress reports, presented to all of the class (during the officially scheduled course time). Students will have an opportunity to give and receive technical evaluations and suggestions (from members of other teams).