Monday, June 4, 2012

Want to fly on NASA's Vomit Comet?

Dear Engineering Undergraduates,

My name is Cameron Turner, and I am a Senior in the ME department. For my capstone project I am working with the UW Microgravity Team, completing a experiment as part of NASA's Reduced Gravity Student Flight Opportunities Program. We are a team of 9 engineering undergraduates working under the guidance of Professor Riley from the ME department. In 2 weeks our team will travel to Houston to run our experiment aboard the Vomit Comet in microgravity conditions.

This is a year-long interdisciplinary project, and a good mix of about 10 motivated ME, AA, and EE student are wanted for next year's team. Although engineers from other departments are also welcome. A project proposal will be sent to NASA, and if chosen 5-6 team members will get to fly. If you are interested in getting involved with the microgravity team next year, would like to hear more about our experiment, or want to discuss ideas for next year's experiment, please send us an email at to set up a time to meet either today or tomorrow.

Thank you,

UW Microgravity Team