Thursday, June 21, 2012

Microfabrication Engineer with Hummingbird Scientific

Hummingbird Scientific is looking for a talented hands-on microfabrication engineer to join our group. You will work closely with our other scientists and engineers and clients in academia and industry to build and develop next-generation tools for electron and ion microscopy and you will be key part of the team that leads our microfabrication design, development, production, and testing efforts. Candidates should have demonstrated success in working in a microfabrication clean room environment, device design and process development. MEMS process experience would be preferred, but candidate with general IC microfabrication experience will also be considered. Knowledge of general physics, chemistry, engineering and mechanical design is also crucial.

Duties and Responsibilities include:
- Microfabication process-flow design
- Microfabrication device design
- Thin film process development
- Lithography mask design
- Microfabrication processing
- Microfabrication manufacturing processes
- Quality control
- Interactions with external (scientific) collaborators
- Project scheduling and planning

Principal background and skills needed:
- MS or Ph D degree in Mechanical or Electrical Engineering, or related field where the main degree focus was thin film microfabrication
- Understanding over a wide variety of microfabrication techniques
- Be able to work with a variety of common cleanroom equipment
- Have MEMS of IC device design experience
- High energy and motivation level
- Team player with strong interpersonal skills
- Excellent written and oral communication skills
- Experience working with scientists in academia and industry
- Solid references

Desired background and skills:
- Mechanical CAD design
- Handling complex multi-layered bills of materials

Because we work very closely with a diverse range of clients, we are looking for candidates with strong communication skills in both casual and formal situations. We are particularly interested in people who can take a "big-picture" view, identify problems, and take a detailed and thorough approach to building solutions. Lastly, we place a very high value on using your brain, not just taking orders; we want you to collaborate with us to do what we do better.

Compensation: Our pay rates and benefits are very competitive.
Job Location:
Seattle/Lacey, WA

Interested? Apply online with your resume, cover letter and examples of your work. Resumes missing cover letters will not be reviewed.

Company Description
Hummingbird Scientific is a commercially successful company and a significant asset to the scientific community. Over the last decade, the founders of Hummingbird Scientific have worked to build custom, leading-edge scientific equipment. In 2004 the group formed Hummingbird Scientific to develop advanced products for Transmission Electron Microscopes, Scanning Electron Microscopes, and Focused Ion Beam systems (TEM/SEM/FIB). Using several Phase I and II SBIR and STTR grants from DOE, NIH, NSF and DOD Hummingbird Scientific has grown from a three person start-up company to a profitable company employing twenty employees and currently offers twelve different electron microscopy experimental system products. Our core competencies are in precision manufacturing, mechatronics, and material science. Hummingbird is fully owned by people that work for the company, is financially solvent, has no debt, and is operating primarily on its commercial revenues/profits. Our customers include over 40 Universities, industrial companies and National Laboratories in the US. Our work has resulted in many scientific publications, work that would have been impossible without the tools we build.
Hummingbird's Scientific's strength is in helping customers translate their innovative ideas into user-friendly tools, thereby advancing their science. Working both alone and in collaboration with our customer base we have created a dozen new electron microscopy experimental platform designs, each of which have been developed into commercial products. Hummingbird has world-leading engineering and fabrication capabilities in-house. Hummingbird Scientific is a vertically integrated company that manufactures a large majority of the components of our products in our own production shop. Hummingbird has tools to do advanced 3-D mechanical design, vacuum component cleaning and testing, multi-layer circuit boards, and software development. Hummingbird Scientific's precision machining capabilities are the key to producing our advanced TEM specimen holders. Our equipment is highly specialized for micro component machining. We have one of the most capable and comprehensive micro-component capabilities in the United States.