Thursday, September 1, 2011

TA/RA Conference on Teaching, Learning and Research

                It may have been a year or two (or more) since you first attended the TA/RA Conference as a new grad student.  We want you to know that you are always
welcome to come to the conference again, to take a workshop you missed the first time, or to sample new technology workshops, or to be a part of a "special topic" workshop that appeals to you.

               This is your invitation to join us this year.  Workshops are being offered September 20, 21 and the  morning of the 22nd.  The full list of workshops can be found at:
TA/RA Conference on Teaching, Learning and Research

There are also links from there to the easy registration form, where  you can sign up for just one workshop, or as many as you have time for! Registration closes on Tuesday, Sept. 6.

Think about it - we would like to see you again!

             Lana Rae Lenz and the Conference Staff