Thursday, August 18, 2011

NASA Opportunities

1.) SSEP Mission 1 to ISS: Immediate Opportunity For Grade 5-16 Student
Research Aboard ISS through Local Experiment Design Competitions

CRITICAL DEADLINE: all participating communities must be aboard by September
15, 2011

The National Center for Earth and Space Science Education (NCESSE), in
partnership with NanoRacks, LLC, announces an immediate opportunity for
communities across the U.S. to participate in the first Student Spaceflight
Experiments Program (SSEP) mission to America’s National Laboratory in space
- the International Space Station (ISS). The program is also open to ISS
partner nations.

Each participating community will be provided an experiment slot in a real
microgravity research mini-laboratory scheduled to fly on the International
Space Station (ISS) from March 30 to May 16, 2012. An experiment design
competition in each community—engaging typically 300 to 1,000
students—allows student teams to design real experiments vying for their
community’s reserved experiment slot on ISS. Additional SSEP programming
leverages the experiment design competition to engage the community, embracing
a Learning Community Model for STEM education.

SSEP missions on STS-134 (Shuttle Endeavour) and STS-135 (Shuttle Atlantis)
have recently been completed, with 1,027 student team proposals received, and
27 SSEP experiments selected and flown—representing the 27 communities that
participated in SSEP on the Space Shuttle.

Go to SSEP Mission 1 to ISS National Announcement of Opportunity

The SSEP on-orbit research opportunity is enabled through NanoRacks LLC, which
is working in partnership with NASA under a Space Act Agreement as part of the
utilization of the International Space Station as a National Laboratory.

2.) We are pleased that the FAA is continuing to offer a Design Competition for Universities for the 2011 ­ 2012 academic year! The Competition has added new design categories in each challenge area
and retained many previous categories as well.The Competition guidelines and many resources are posted at the Competition website:

Competition guidelines and full details are available at:

The broad challenge categories of Airport Operations and Maintenance, Runway Safety/Runway Incursions/Runway Excursions, Airport Environmental Interactions and Airport Management and Planning embrace many engineering, science, information technology, psychology and management disciplines. The
Competition is again open to individual and student teams at U.S. colleges and universities (both undergraduate and graduate) working under the
mentorship of a faculty advisor. Winners can earn substantial cash awards and first place winners have the opportunity and travel funds to present their design
at a national aviation event in summer 2012 and at one other professional meeting related to their winning design. A notice of intent is strongly encouraged.