Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Embedded capstone with drones (Spring)

We will be offering the CSE 477 capstone (Digital System Design) again this
Spring. This class will count towards the degree requirements for both
hardware and software track CompE students.

The aim of the class is give students an opportunity to work on a full
quarter long project that incorporates hardware and software. Students are
welcome to propose their own projects, but this year's theme will include
working on the Parrot AR Drones. We have access to a number of these drones
as well as some of the firmware. The projects for this quarter will entail
adding new custom sensing capabilities, software, and firmware for outdoor
autonomous flight applications.

We used the AR Drones for EE 472 this quarter. In CSE 477, we are going to
dig much deeper into these platforms and build custom hardware and software.

EE472 class website:
AR Drone Information: http://ardrone.parrot.com/parrot-ar-drone/usa

The required pre-requisite is CSE 466 or EE 472. Students should contact the
instructor if they have any questions about prerequisites.

If you are interested in taking this course, but have a time conflict,
please notify the instructor.